Here are some questions we’ve been asked by our clients:

How much wash do the catamarans produce?
  • The catamarans have been specifically designed to produce minimal wash. All boats to date have been approved by the Environment Agency and have successfully passed their wash test.
 How long will the fuel tanks last?
  • The RS CAT16 9.9hp 4-stroke with 12-litre fuel tank will last between 120 and 160 km.
  • The RS CAT16 15hp-20hp 4-stroke with 12-litre fuel tank will last between 100 and 140km.
What is the top speed of each engine?
  • The RS CAT16 with 9.9hp top speed is 28kph
  • RS CAT16 with 15Hp/20Hp top speed 32kph
How many people will the catamarans carry?
  • The RS CAT16 with 15hp-20hp will carry 3 persons. It has a buoyancy capacity of 650kg, but for emergency rescue purposes only, it will carry significantly more.
What’s the delivery period?
  • Delivery for one boat will be 7-10 days from receipt of order. Delivery for multiple orders will be an additional 5 working days per boat thereafter, subject to availability.
May I test-drive one before buying?
  • Yes. Just give us a call on +44 (0)118 940 10 41 or e-mail to arrange an appointment.
How many people are needed to lift the RS CAT16 catamaran in and out of the water with or without a trolley/trailer?
  • With launching trolley: 1-2 persons. Without trolley: 3-5 persons.
Do I need any special training to skipper one of the launches?
  • Not at the moment in the UK, but will vary in other countries. We do, however, offer a two-hour training service. You can also contact the Royal Yacht Association for level 2 courses.
What is the weight of each craft?
  • RS CAT16 complete with Mercury 15Hp = 250kg
  • RS CAT16 complete with Mercury 9.9Hp = 220kg
What is the turning circle of the RS CAT16 catamaran?
  • The RS CAT16 has a 4-metre turning circle.
Can I tow the catamaran behind my car?
  • Yes, easily! The catamaran & trailer are very light, less than 500kg with trailer.
Where can I get a trailer for towing?
  • We supply trailers customised for towing as well as launching the catamarans in and out of the water. The trailers are easily operated by one person. We also supply launching trolleys for all our catamarans (which cannot be towed).
Do you supply outside the UK?
  • Yes we currently have distributors in; Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, USA & South Korea.
What about service for the engines?
  • We do service engines. Contact us for details. We recommend Walker Outboard Services who provide a mobile service in the UK. There are over 70 authorised Mercury dealers nationwide who can service and repair Mercury engines. Mercury have the largest dealer network in the world.
What is the difference between our Rowing Coaching Catamarans and other launches?
  • Low wash because of less water displacement with twin hydrodynamic hulls.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Higher speeds achieved with less horsepower.
How durable are the catamarans?
  • The hulls are made of extremely hardwearing roto-moulded, TRILAM polyethylene, which is approximately 10mm thick. The first catamarans were built in 1992 and are still in active use!
  • All our catamarans carry a 10 year limited warranty on the hulls.

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