What is the delivery period?

Delivery for one boat will be 10-14 days from receipt of order and payment. Delivery for multiple orders will be an additional 5 working days per boat thereafter, subject to availability.

May I test-drive one before buying?

Yes. Just give us a call on +44 (0)7860 224 007 or email to arrange an appointment.

How many people will the catamaran carry?

The RS CAT16 and RS eCAT16 are designed to carry 4 persons. However, because they have a buoyancy capacity of 650kg, they will carry significantly more for emergency rescue purposes only.

How many people are needed to lift the catamaran in and out of the water?

With launching trolley: 1-2 persons. Without trolley: 3-5 persons.

Do I need special training to skipper?

Not at the moment in the UK, but this will vary in other countries. We do, however, offer a two-hour training service. You can also contact the Royal Yacht Association for Level 2 courses.

Can I tow the catamaran behind my car?

Yes, easily! The catamaran and trailer are very light, less than 400kg with trailer.

What is the difference between our catamarans and other launches?

  • Stronger construction and built to last – boats sold in 1994 are still in use!
  • 10-year limited warranty on hulls.
  • Higher speeds achieved with less horse-power.
  • Manoeuvrability – unique tight turning circle of 4 metres (13-foot radius).
  • Better value for money and more affordable.
  • Petrol-powered: More economic to run because of fuel efficiency.
  • Electric-powered: More eco-friendly.
  • Low wash because of less water displacement with twin hydrodynamic hulls.
  • Significantly lower energy consumption.

Do you refurbish Rowing Solutions Catamarans?

Yes, to the latest specifications. This is currently only available in the UK. Price on application. Click here for more information.

What is the speed of each catamaran?

Our Petrol catamaran will outpace an Olympic Eight and our Electric catamaran will keep pace with an Olympic Eight.

  • The RS eCAT16 electric runs at up to 25 km/h.
  • The RS CAT16 petrol-powered 9.9HP EFI runs at approximately 28 km/h.
  • The RS CAT16 petrol-powered 15HP EFI runs at approximately 32 km/h.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Approximately 2-3 hours.

How much do your catamarans cost?

It depends whether you buy the petrol or electric model and which size engine you choose. Contact us and we would be happy to provide an estimate.

How much wash do the catamarans produce?

Our RS CAT16 and RS eCAT16 have been eco-designed to produce minimal wash. All catamarans to date have been approved by the Environment Agency and have successfully passed their wash test; they have a CE mark.

How long will the fuel tanks last?

  • The RS CAT16 9.9HP 4-stroke with 12-litre fuel tank will last between 120 and 160 km.
  • The RS CAT16 15HP-20HP 4-stroke with 12-litre fuel tank will last between 100 and 140km.

What is the weight of each craft?

With the 9.9HP = 230 kg.
With the 15HP = 250 kg.
With the electric engine & batteries = 275 kg.

What about service for the engines?

We do provide servicing for engines. Contact us for details.


If you would like to contact Rowing Solutions to discuss your rowing or canoeing coaching requirements or catamaran purchase, please telephone or email us. Alternatively, complete the short contact form below and click “Send”.